My Paintings are Invisible

This is a poem for people who have gone missing. It was made in Chongqing, China 2009-10, written onto large semi-transparent sheets of paper and hung up on washing lines through the city, in parks, building sites, tea houses.




Each sheet of Davenport's piece is an 8-word verse, which collages ancient Chinese poems, lines from iconic conceptual and text art sources and modernist and postmodern poetry, finding parallels in form and intent – and knitting together new meanings completely unintended by the originators. Written onto large pieces of semi-transparent paper, one side scripted in English the other Chinese – the scripts co-exist and intermingle calligraphies, significations, syntaxes. The poem dodges clear meanings, hiding itself in the same way that people who "disappear" are buried in official language.




Principal artists who worked with Davenport as collaborators, calligraphers and translators: Wang Jun, Mao Yanyang, Xu Guang Fu, Dan Dan, Deng Chuan and Yan Yan.